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$125 (1 time)




We are happy to offer a sibling discount of $530 off tuition for each additional child enrolled. 

Tuition covers instructional costs during the academic day. Families may also incur incidental fees for other expenses, depending on the grade level. These may include but are not limited to class trips, special equipment/projects, extracurricular activities, and class photos. Lunches are not included.



A non-refundable enrollment fee of 20% of base tuition is due upon acceptance

to reserve a place in the class (this amount is credited towards tuition).

All contractual agreements must be completed before an accepted student may begin instruction.

The remaining 80% of tuition may be paid in one, two, or six equal payments.

Payments are made through FACTS. To view your FACTS account or make a payment, click here.


Annual Increases

As a non-profit institution, we aspire to keep Tuition and Fees as low as possible.

However, fees may increase annually due to inflation.

Families would be notified at least 30 days in advance of any change to the annual tuition for the upcoming year.

Mid-Year Enrollment

We welcome mid-year enrollment for qualified students if there is space in the class.


The Knox School of Santa Barbara is committed to being accessible to all qualified students regardless of their financial resources. To that end, we actively apply for grants so that we may implement a strong need-based financial aid program. Currently, we strive to work with families to ensure that qualified students have access to this educational opportunity and we strongly encourage families to contact the school to discuss options.

Families may apply for financial aid during the application process. To apply, click here.

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