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The Knox School has created a thoughtful, developmentally appropriate program for our youngest students filled with hands-on learning and intellectual stimulation, one that prioritizes their unique characteristics and need for accelerated learning. The Knox School’s Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten program draws from best practices within gifted education and is equally inspired by Italy's Reggio Emilia schools. As such, equal weight is placed on a strong academic program which lays a solid foundation for future studies at The Knox School, and purposeful play both in and out of the classroom, enhancing not only learning but affective skills as well. A celebration of the natural curiosity and exuberance of the young child allows these traits to thrive and develop a clear and positive sense of self.

Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten bridge the play-based early childhood approach with our elementary and middle school gifted education program.  As such, students in our JK and K program continue with daily exploration through free play and hands-on projects, while exploring mathematics and literacy through direct instruction.  As in the other grades, JK and K students have the opportunity to accelerate through this curriculum as guided by ability and interest. The Knox School’s approach not only enhances intellectual and social development, but also nurtures multiple forms of knowledge representation in early childhood, thus laying foundations for diverse talent development. The Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten class, like the rest of the Knox classes, participate in Fine Art, Music, STEAM, and World Languages. Here is more information about the Reggio Emilia approach.

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