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To provide appropriate education and support for gifted children, it is important to

understand the characteristics of giftedness. Below is a sampling of cognitive,

affective, and physical traits that are common to gifted children; however,

no one child will display all of the characteristics, and not all gifted

children are motivated, high-achievers.

See how many of these characteristics of giftedness apply to your child:

  • Reasons Well

  • Perfectionistic

  • Learns Rapidly

  • ​Keen Observer

  • Strong Curiosity

  • Highly Energetic

  • Morally Sensitive

  • Vivid Imagination

  • Intense Reactions

  • Early/Avid Reader

  • Excellent Memory

  • ​Questions Authority

  • Long Attention Span

  • Extensive Vocabulary

  • Skilled with Numbers

  • Emotionally Sensitive

  • Extraordinarily Creative

  • Wide Range of Interests

  • Seeks In-Depth Answers

  • Shows Deep Compassion

  • Makes Deep Connections

  • Physically or Sensory Sensitive

  • Sophisticated Sense of Humor

  • Prefers Older Friends or Adults

  • Concerned with Fairness & Justice

  • Exhausted Parents!

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