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Quality Time


The parents of our students have much to say about our program and school, and also about their journeys in parenting gifted children both before and after joining our school. Our parent community connects at school events and meets socially outside of the school.

They also meet a few times a year to host Fireside Chats to answer candid questions from Knox-curious parents who are going through the admissions process. They are a welcoming community with a deep understanding of what it means to parent a gifted child, and everything that goes along with it.

We've gathered just a few testimonials from our actual parents for you to read: 

"After 1st day of school, I asked our child 'What do you think? How did it go?' he replied, 'I want to cry dad, I am so happy to be here [Knox]. This place is the best.' 

Today I asked our son what he would say if his friends and family asked him about his new school, he replied, 'This is the best school there is, well except if Heaven has a school, Heaven better not have a school, but yes, this place is the best!'

I can't say enough, even though it is just after 3 days, his glow, the smiles, his laughter. I have cried multiple times, elated, relieved and so so blessed. Thank you for all you do and for what you have done. I see this child, this child that I have not seen since 1st grade. This is who he is, this is the child we knew that was hiding in there, and he is here, already. I can't believe it. So excited for what's to come.

Thank you thank you thank you."

- Parents of an Upper School Student

"Every day I am amazed looking at my daughter and the light that's been in her ever since she started at Knox. She has grown so much in every way. Academically we are impressed by how well her teachers have understood her unique strengths and weaknesses and have worked with her so that she can fly instead of crawl for the subjects she excels in and also have worked with her to provide scaffolding so she can steadily improve across the board. And perhaps even more importantly, she has blossomed socially and emotionally. We are so grateful for this school and for everything you and the amazing faculty do for these students. It used to be that she would never talk about school and now she brings it up all the time. Just today, due to your awesome STEAM program, she and her dad had a long conversation about Javascript which I can't imagine her having if she weren't going to Knox!"

- Parent of a 3rd grader

"I can't believe the difference in my little boy since attending The Knox School! He is relaxed, joyful, engaged, and happy in his friendships with this wonderful group of children! The School has a rigorous academic program which thrills my son, but the teachers balance this rigor with an appreciation for and attendance to the emotional well-being of my child. The work is meaningful and relevant and hands-on and my son is growing by leaps and bounds in all areas, and doing so peacefully and happily! I have no doubt he is fulfilling his potential while learning important skills that will serve him well in high school, college, and beyond in life."

– Parents of a 3rd grade student

"I wanted to write you and tell you that we are absolutely thrilled with our son's experience at Knox. I think that he has grown and accomplished more in two months at Knox than he did all year at [other school] and [other school] was a top notch program. I think that speaks volumes as to how much we value the entire curriculum and staff at Knox. Our son has gone from reading sight words to full chapter books in the span of only a few months. And most importantly he is very happy at Knox. We are looking forward to what next year has to bring!"

- Parent of a Kindergartener

"From Knox School of Santa Barbara my daughter in third grade brings home sophisticated knowledge in subjects normally heard from children already in middle school. On her first month at school, she has brought up topics such as: tectonics plates, tsunami, volcanic eruptions and the Dust Bowl with clear descriptions. Her love for Math has grown. Skills in research, writing and performing arts are emerging. Academically, she is getting all the challenge she needs.
Socially and emotionally, Knox School takes a strong, positive and proactive approach in building good social skills. The guidance they provide goes beyond the students in the classroom. Parents are well informed and given professional consultation and tools to ensure our children live in a compatible environment at home and at school."

– Parents of a 3rd grader

"The Knox School has clearly done its homework on how to effectively engage, teach, and enrich a gifted learner; it shows every morning when my daughter says, 'Come on, Mom, I want to go to school now!' and heads to the car. From the carefully selected teachers to the learning specialists and school counselors, who all have deep expertise in working with gifted children, it is clear that everyone at Knox "gets it". At Knox, all of the teachers and the other students are definitely as excited about learning as she is. We feel fortunate to have a new school serving this population right here in Santa Barbara and hope more families with gifted children gravitate to the school."

– Parents of a 5th grader

"Dr. Tanner has assembled an amazing team of teachers and support staff. It's incredibly reassuring for a parent to know that everyone at the school, from the receptionist to the teachers and of course the Director, knows about the unique joys and challenges of dealing with gifted children and are in a position to put that knowledge into action!"

– Parent of a 7th grader

"The Knox School has been a huge answer to prayer!!!"

– Parents of a 3rd grade student

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