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Upper School - Grades 5th-8th

The Knox School’s Faculty encourages the students’ advancing maturity, academic progress, and responsibility. They offer the support and guidance that help each student to reinforce and apply skills previously learned, but also to stimulate their emerging ability in independent thinking, abstract reasoning, intellectual integrity, and social maturity. The Knox School addresses the distinctive needs of early adolescence, the joys, challenges, developmental changes, and vulnerability experienced in this transitional period, by offering a nurturing community for academic and social learning, a system that provides each student with individual attention and rich intellectual experiences.

Grades 5th & 6th
As in all the grades, fifth and sixth graders have many opportunities to creatively exhibit their increasing skills and knowledge base. Their technology astuteness expands their communication skills through a variety of multi-media projects. Students engage in many hands-on, critical thinking activities which promote creativity and innovation. Students are learning prioritizing, accountability, responsibility, persistence, and independence during these more self-reliant years through short-term and long-term projects. They hone their research and oral and written communication skills. The curriculum is enriched by field-trips, guest speakers, and real-world, practical activities and problem solving challenges that enrich the program even further. 

Grades 7th & 8th
It is our expectation that when Knox School students matriculate to High School they will be fully prepared not only to take on more advanced programs successfully and enthusiastically, but that they will step into that world with confidence in their abilities as thinkers and leaders. The middle school program emphasizes the development of habits of mind as well as study habits to ensure success, given the ever-increasing demands of academic studies.

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